The WSPC committee is currently made up of 7 volunteers. Among the committee there are a wide range of jobs and responsibilities. New volunteers are always welcome and can join us at anytime during the year.

Feel like getting involved? We currently have a number of vacancies in our committe. Each role has varying levels of commitment and time input required.

Please email or contact us by phone to find out more about joining the WSPC committee.

Annual Reports

2015 Financial Year
WSPC_AGM_2015_Centre_report.pdf (PDF, 57Kb)
WSPC_YearEndAccounts_2015.pdf (PDF, 143Kb)

2014 Financial Year
WSPC_AGM_2014_Centre_report.pdf (PDF, 58Kb)
WSPC_YearEndAccounts_2014.pdf (PDF, 141Kb)

2013 Financial Year
WSPC_AGM_2013_Centre_report.pdf (PDF, 58Kb)
WSPC_YearEndAccounts_2013.pdf (PDF, 141Kb)

2012 Financial Year
WSPC_AGM_2012_Centre_report.pdf (PDF, 56Kb)
WSPC_YearEndAccounts_2012.pdf (PSD, 98Kb)

2011 Financial Year
WSPC AGM Centre Report 2011 (PDF, 57Kb)
WSPC Financial Statements 2011 (PDF, 156Kb)
WSPC AGM Minutes 2011 (PDF, 41Kb)

Previous Years
WSPC AGM Centre Report 2010 (PDF, 66Kb)
WSPC Financial Statements 2010 (PDF, 160Kb)
WSPC AGM Minutes 2010 (PDF, 61Kb)
WSPC AGM Centre Report 2009 (pdf, 76kb)
WSPC Financial Statements 2008-2009 (pdf, 148kb)
WSPC Financial Statements 2007 (pdf, 136kb)
WSPC Financial Statements 2006 (pdf, 288kb)
WSPC Financial Statements 2005 (pdf, 100kb)
WSPC Annual Report 2004 (pdf, 42kb)

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